Cannot uninstall vmware workstation 14 free. How to completely uninstall VMware Workstation Player

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I definitely oversimplied when said that uninstallation is simply the reverse of installation. However much of the code must be close since as I said rerunning the install program despite the fact that it installed without incident wil provide you with 3 options2 of which fixed the uninstall problem for me One cannot uninstall vmware workstation 14 free is reinstall and the second repair and the last compley remove.

Choosing to repair the program. So, since you haven’t indicated you have tried do this – why not try it? It may or may not help in your case.

Note also that both repair and remove ask for a reboot after completing. In contrast installing the program initially creates the desktop icon and does not say to reboot. It seems to assume its background services are ruuning in harmony with existing background programs. Перейти на страницу versions of WS did say reboot in order rfor the program to finish the instarll.

Installing VMware Tools also asks for a reboot in Windows guests. In all cases that I know of your mileage may vary. These are my many experiences with cannot uninstall vmware workstation 14 free annoyance.



Cannot uninstall vmware workstation 14 free

Are you looking for an easy solution to thoroughly remove it from your computer? My guess is that this is a policy thing which locks the whole Windows Installer service from running. What was the error presented? Do you have a tool to open the MSI? Viewed 2k times.