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Aug 18,  · On the desk you should read something that will be very useful information later in the game, and in fact relates to the game’s very Namesake. Now examine the bookshelf to the left. Jennifer will push it over, revealing an extra portion of the painting. Examine it once, and then use the sceptor on it. Clock Tower. Windows. Clock Tower is a game adventure developed by Human Entertainment, Inc. and published by Human Entertainment, Inc.. Originally released in Japan, Worldwide in Currently you can download and play the game for Windows. Download Clock Tower – Free. Clock Tower () is the first entry in the series and was released only in Japan. It was directed by Hifumi Kono and originally released for the Super replace.me updated version, titled Clock Tower: The First Fear, was ported to the PlayStation, WonderSwan, and replace.me game has not been released outside Japan, although fan translations exist. The story follows Jennifer .


Clock tower pc game

Archived from the original on 4 April It received mixed reviews, being cited for bugs and dated gameplay. Namespaces Article Talk.


Clock tower pc game


Log In Sign Up. What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Be careful even then, since some of those might contain spoilers for the SEQUEL they’re marked, but be careful not to skip right to them without realizing it.

I wasn’t yet a Junior in High School upon starting this guide, and now it’s been over a year since I graduated from College. It makes me feel old, looking back on it, but now I’m rambling. The bottom line is, now at last this guide is finally complete, more or less unless someone needs me to answer questions, etc, along with a few brush-ups I’m still making here and there.

The face of the guide has changed a lot, now, since the English Translation is much easier to find, allowing me to make the Walkthrough part of this guide pretty much Spoiler Free. However, the Character Analysis section is still here and expanded for your reading pleasure, along with an all new Plot Points and Theories section, for those of you who have completed the game and possibly the sequel or who don’t mind Spoilers.

You may post it or show it to others for non-profit purposes ONLY. You may not submit it to any kind of magazine In America, you’d probably have no reason to for this game , nor sell it, nor put it on a CD for sale.

If you do post it anywhere under the set conditions that must be met, then everything must be intact, including all the credits, both to myself and to those who provided me with information. You may not take credit for this specific FAQ in any way shape or form, though if you are in the credits, you may take credit for that which you are credited for.

You may also use the information found here to make an FAQ of your own since the information belongs to the Game itself and thus to the public but please credit me if this guide was your source, and especially if you reference one of my own theories such as in the Character Analysis section.

I’m listing them according to the help they gave. They were the source, and without them I’d still not know how to get it. I also thank Gutsyness for relaying this information to me. Hooten, because his FAQ kept me from being completely lost the first time I played the game. I’d have never found my way around by trying to make sense of all the Japanese!

Also, he is credited for my knowledge of the B and C endings, because it was using his guide that I got these two endings. So, many thanks to you! I’m hoping that I can give it just a touch of a professional feel, as this game lacks an officcial walkthrough in America Ex: Bradygames, Prima, etc. So, I hope that this walkthrough can compensate for that; though I must admit, some great walkthroughs have surfaced since I set out with this one years ago.

This walkthrough is far less necessary than it was then, if it’s necessary at all. But what can I say? I feel that I should finish what I started, even if it’s extremely late. I think that this Game, Clock Tower, is a wonderful game which isn’t recognized nearly as much as it should be.

This is mostly because it unfortunately was never released in America. This is one of the most irrational decisions in video game history, because the game was so advanced for an SNES game. It’d have done well in the US, and was one of the first console games ever to deal with cinematic-type horror.

It did quite well in its mood, considering what the programmers’ limits were. But I digress. I hope that you enjoy this walkthrough, and I hope it helps you. Barrows, who lives in a mansion known as Clock Tower Hence the game’s name because of it’s own, quite large Clock Tower, by whose chimes the locals once tended their fields before it apparently stopped running nearly a decade before the game’s events. Jennifer and her friends are led to their new home by Mary, or, as they often call her, Ms.

Mary out of respect. They’re thrilled to have a new home, especially this particular home, which is obviously spectacular from the moment they enter the main hall. However, a place this big was bound to hold secrets.. And the secrets of Clock Tower are darker than those of most estates.. Because Jennifer and her friends are about to discover that the Barrows family is far from normal.. That evil lives even within the wall of the most beautiful places. And that there are some things worse than being in an orphanage..

Jennifer Simpson: She and her friends are only fourteen. Jennifer is a nice girl, who seems quiet at times, yet always polite. She’s known to let her worry and curiosity get the best of her at times, however. This girl holds more agony inside than is obvious from the outside. She lost both of her parents when she was small.

Her father was a doctor, and he simply disappeared without ever being found as of the time the game takes place. Jennifer can only hope that her new life with Mr.

Barrows can help her to move on And give her some resolution as to her past. Ann: Ann seems optimistic girl, and seems excited and curious about her new adoptive father. Ann doesn’t seem to stress easily, as her optimistic expectations rule out too much worry. She can come across as teasing with her friends at times as a comment made by her early on suggests. Laura: Laura seems the opposite of Ann.

She seems a bit more introverted, quiet, and serious; also, she worries more, and seems bothered by her intuition, by which she is set ill at ease about the girls’ new home. She’s one of the least optomistic people about the move. This isn’t to say she’s not excited–but she is probably least happy about the adoption out of Jennifer and her friends.

Lotte: It is now well known that Lotte is female, not least of which reasons is her feminine figure, which is ironically more noticeable than with the other girls, most likely in order to make sure that she is known to be female, since her clothing and hair style are more gender neutral compared to the others.

Admittedly, in spite of the graphical evidence, I once thought she was a male, partly due to the name, which I thought was a version of “Lot.

Instead, it seems she fears that she will not live up to the expectations of Mr. Barrows or ever grow accustomed to a new, presumably luxurious and pampered way of life, a fear that is implied by comments made early in the game by her and Ann. Are her fears true, or unfounded? Mary: Apparently from the adoption agency, Mary has acted as the mediator between Mr. Barrows and his soon-to-be children. She behaves in a caring manner towards Jennifer and her friends, and seems more than happy to take part in guiding the children to their new home.

Simon Barrows: A man of mystery.. He’s apparently been a recluse for quite some time, not leaving his mansion, not even being seen in the past nine years or so. It would seem that something happened in his life nine years ago, something so devastating that he withdrew from the rest of the world. He seems to be very lonely as of late, as implied by the adoption of Jennifer and her friends.

But he is burdened by a family secret that he doesn’t wish to bear. A secret that he couldn’t escape, even when he tried to.. Can his new children help him to escape a destiny that’s all too cruel? It’s a point and click adventure, one of the first to appear as a console game.

This annoys many people, but if you’re into the game enough to be reading this walkthrough, then you probably aren’t too annoyed, or you just won’t let something like that get in the way of this game.

Used for most things, walking, searching, talking, opening doors, etc. B: Panic Button. Used to get you out of dangerous situations. A: Item Button. Used to observe and go through your inventory. X: Makes Jennifer stop walking or running and come to a rest. Start: As in most games, used to Pause.

Direction Pad: Moves the mouse-style cursor. L: Run Left. R: Run Right. She will walk in the direction you click. To make Jennifer run, there are two methods. Situate the cursor on the side you want her to run to and double click, OR press the L and R buttons for the SNES equivalent, not your keyboard if you have an emulator which makes her run in the corresponding direction.

Then, simply click with the action button. Whenever your in danger, and you can’t hide and are forced into confrontation Or, at a certain time, when you must flee , tapping the panic button rapidly can help you to escape.

Just keep tapping until you are safe. When you want to use an object or exit a door, or climb up an area, etc, etc, to defend yourself, remember to click on it with the action button first, then start hitting the panic button. In short, this button provides Jennifer with the resourcefulness and adrenaline she will need to survive.

When being tracked by the Terrors of Clock Tower, there’s a chance you’ll mess up and die if you’re not careful. Pay attention to every option and possibility.