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Intuit quickbooks pro 2016 3 user – intuit quickbooks pro 2016 3 user
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Desktop suport out Continue shopping. And they’re not going to fix their program! I am an engineer so probably on the higher end of the tech abilities but not an IT guy. There are no material accounting or bookkeeping enhancements or improvements from prior versions–but running a payroll program through QB not only forces product upgrades, it also forces changes on the way all users run their own businesses. They just don’t care.

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Intuit quickbooks pro 2016 3 user – intuit quickbooks pro 2016 3 user. Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2016


Condition: Any Condition Any Condition. Ratings and Reviews Learn more. Write a review. Most relevant reviews. QuickBooks I had no trouble installing and using QuickBooks I have used a previous version some years ago. Another good Quickbooks! Happy With Purchase Great product! EUR Nuance Dragon KA-G EUR 4. Microsoft Family 1 Year Subscription for up to 6 Users 5. You may also like. Intuit Web and Desktop Publishing Software.

In addition, Intuit offers additional optional features such as enhanced payroll services and accepting credit card payments with QuickBooks Pro or on a mobile device. The manual also provides troubleshooting for common problems. Even greater detail is provided by the service manual, which is not typically shipped with the product, but which can often be downloaded from Intuit service. If you want to help expand our database, you can upload a link to this website to download a user manual or service manual, ideally in.

Your e-mail will not be displayed or otherwise used in any way. Can’t find what you’re looking for? This is not an accounting program. It’s an instrument of torture. The newest version requires constantly changing, complex passwords for each company one opens on QB. If you are a bookkeeping or accounting professional, you will be engaged in time-consuming password management–simply because QB forces it.

Sharing files with clients or CPAs will be ridiculously and needlessly complex. No competent professional these days hasn’t already addressed security issues internally: but QB has taken it upon themselves to force really onerous procedures on its client base. Can there really be no way to turn this off in future editions or updates? And changing between companies is an exercise in terrible frustration: either one “doesn’t have security permissions to delete a file” which nobody is TRYING TO DO–just change between files!

It now takes up to 5 attempts to ignore 2 separate error messages to switch to a different QB company file. Because of the password protocol changes hidden like a Trojan Horse in the recent product upgrade I’m now frightened to download any of Intuit’s suggested file doctors and fixes. I can’t trust them anymore not to make it all worse. How can I proceed with confidential client issues when I can’t stay on top of what Intuit is doing to its client base? Intuit’s program has now gotten so intrusive because of its connection to the internet that it creates its own problems.

There are no material accounting or bookkeeping enhancements or improvements from prior versions–but running a payroll program through QB not only forces product upgrades, it also forces changes on the way all users run their own businesses. To be treated this way as a loyal QB user is preposterous. Has anybody found a workable alternative? And I really hope an Intuit representative doesn’t “apologize” to me for my inconvenience and forward my concerns to their programmers.

They know what’s wrong. They just don’t care. Intuit can fix all the problems they create by just leaving me and my business to use my own judgment!

I can look at my bookshelf and see Quickbooks releases dating back to , and until this release I would have highly recommended QuickBooks to any small business. But after the changes Intuit has made in , I wouldn’t recommend the software to a new company starting out. I am a tax preparer and bookkeeper who works on multiple clients and this year Intuit has implemented a requirement for a complex password that must be changed every 90 days.

So I already have a huge Excel spread sheet for my own passwords, and now I’ll have to create a new Excel spreadsheet for all the QuickBooks passwords for all the tax returns I work on next spring. Many of the clients I work on haven’t had password protected files prior to this year, but as best as I can tell that’s about to change.

I ended up buying QuickBooks Pro in because I could no longer buy a Quickbooks Accountant’s version that was a stand-alone package for my desktop. So I downgraded back to Pro which took care of my needs adequately. Outside of these annoyances, Quickbooks has always been my go-to software for small business accounting. I have used it for over 10 years for my husband’s business it does everything necessary to keep a set of books for a small company.

I tracked payroll in QB, but prepare W-2s outside the software. I’ll be recommending Sage50 formerly Peachtree to anyone who asks me. And I’m hoping to avoid spending money on QB For a new QB user this will not be a big deal, but when you have been using the same tool for years and suddenly you find someone changed all the controls on it, well that’s annoying, counter productive and probably a good argument to look around before just buying the latest version.

After all, if you have to relearn the software regardless of what you buy, whats the benefit in just buying the same name if the interface is just as unfamiliar as some other brand?

I run my own business. I am an engineer so probably on the higher end of the tech abilities but not an IT guy. I find this latest version frustrating and annoying. The clean look is gone. The home screen that you you use to navigate to the various functions is changed and can not be reconfigured. The sidebar menu that was so convenient is gone, or at least changed to be unrecognizable.

You can only customize a small portion of it now that they claimed space for advertising. Check the forums and read the posted comments. There are a lot of frustrated QB users out there. All I can say is that their block of advertising is a constant reminder that I should have looked around be for I paid for the newest version. Intuit has done it again. Their improvements have hosed my long established form templates and I haven’t found a way to fix the problem.

In order to save any changes, it is now necessary to log into some server out on the Interwebs and upload the template. Yeah, okay, but when I’m signed in the “save” still fails. To make matters worse, my now ugly estimates and invoices can’t be saved as PDF directly from the program. I found a workaround by using email. Yes, the PDF printer apparently works for email, but not from the “Print” dialog. Great, except when I email to myself, the customer’s email is changed to my email address.

The advertising is now front and center; there is now a pane pain? Ads in my previous version were popups that needed to be dismissed before any work could progress. Those are still there, too. Customized reports for years past don’t seem to populate correctly. Canceled memorized transactions mysteriously reappear as pending. And so on The default appearance and navigation is a little goofy. There is the standard menu bar across the top that gives every option the program offers, which is a lot.

Then there’s the familiar QB flow chart menu in the main screen. And now we have a “Shortcuts” bar to the left that contains the very same options as the other locations. Perhaps it’s only there to display the ad at the bottom and to remind me to order checks – appears twice! Not to be left out, the standard menu also has advertising buried within, but now with a new and improved “Special Offers” choice right next to the “Help” menu.

The flow chart contains its own redundant pitches for Intuit’s products, and did I mention I don’t like the ads? The image I’ve included shows the 10 unnecessary upsells that appear as soon as QB is opened. I run a small business. I don’t have time for all the screwing around with a software that seems to have a mind of its own. I left 2 stars because at least the upgrade didn’t destroy my data and it is still mostly functional.

There has to be something better than this and hopefully I’ll find it before the version arrives. I googled to fix the Com Error but the file to fix was not even located in the program files. My Windows 7 PC runs flawlessly and no other software that’s installed has issues.