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Need an account? Click here to sign up. Download Free PDF. Download Download PDF Full PDF Package Download Full PDF Package This Paper. A short summary of this paper. Download Download PDF. Download Full PDF Package. Translate PDF. The journal promotes innovative, interdisci- plinary, inter-regional and transnational approaches to Japanese Studies.

The journal aims to be a venue for scholarship in E. region with a special focus on Turkey and neighboring regions. It especially encourages scholars from the Middle East, Balkans, Central Asia and the Mediterranean but also welcomes scholars from other parts of the world.

GPJ invites papers in the fields of history, humanities, and social sciences including topics of the past and the present. In additon to articles, the journal publishes occasional article size translations, book reviews, and surveys of current trends in Japanese and Asian Studies.

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of Foreign StudiesCharles Horioka Asian Growth InstituteMasaru Ikei Keio Uni. of Foreign StudiesKaori Komatsu Waseda Uni. of TokyoLi Narangoa Australian National Uni. Of DelhiSuzuki Tadashi Em. of TokyoShimizu Yuichiro Keio Uni. GPJ is an OPEN ACCESS Journal allowing the readers download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles and to use them for any other lawful purpose. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. Following our inaugural issue which we had the opportunity to launch during the Lisbon EAJS meeting intogether with the rest of the world, we had to face varying levels of local and global crises, both economic and political in nature.

Although taking the shape of the new Coronavirus pandemic, hard times do continue to linger inthanks to the generous support of Toshiba Pdf expert jnd free download Foundation, our journal has gained new momentum, and we are publishing two con- secutive issues together.

The Year of the Rat, the first year of a new twelve year cycle, known for its new beginnings in all areas of life, has indeed brought us new livelihood. The travelogue was published four years later in Tokyo.

Esenbel then focuses on a minor pdf expert jnd free download caused by Yoshida who rejected to abide by the protocol rule requiring him to take off his shoes during his audience with the Shah and elaborates on the significance and the deeper meanings contained within this symbolic attitude. Or was co- lonialism at this time only understood as a by-product of Western imperi- alism to pdf expert jnd free download the needs of Egyptians, allowing them to deploy the Japanese model rhetorically, with knowing regard for Japanese colonial endeavors in East Asia?

In her paper, Usmanova draws our attention to a particular essay published by Oku- bo Koji, one of the leading figures in Japanese Turkology, in Koji, was an active advocate of the Turkic-Tatar community in Harbin between the years and had an in-depth knowledge on cultural, linguistic, religious and political characteristics of Turkic-Tatar people.

Usmanova argues that Koji had a significant and underestimated role in supporting Tatar emigrees in the Far East. The travelogue gives important insights into yet unknown and mundane aspects of Turk- ish-Japanese exchanges behind the idealizing visions of pan-Islamism and pan-Asianism. Based on contemporary, first-hand witness accounts, and archival material, Nagashima draws a detailed picture of the Ottoman military structure with personnel numbers, and deployed units, argues that the Ottoman Army was heavily suffering under coordination and organizational problems as well as an absence of a commander-general capable of taking independent decisions.

I am deeply indebted to the authors of the second issue for their valu- able contributions. I would also take this opportunity to express my pdf expert jnd free download gratitude to Pdf expert jnd free download Foundation, the generous support of which made this publication possible.

The readers of these lines are most welcome to contribute to our future issues. With your kind assistance, GPJ pdf expert jnd free download continue its healthy growth. The Meiji vision of a global world was made up of a hierarchy of nations according to their level of enlight- enment and civilization using the West as a benchmark. Sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japanese Mission was a small-scale version of the fa- mous Iwakura Mission to learn about the West earlier betweenas an investigation expedition to study the Muslim Middle East-Islamic affairs.

Yoshida stood below the stairs leading up to the audience hall, next to Mirza Aga Ibrahim Khan, the new Foreign Minister of the Pdf expert jnd free download monarchy, stubbornly insisting that he would not take off his shoes, even though this was the customary etiquette in the Persian court for anyone including foreign diplomats who were to enter into royal audience. The recent Persian translati- on of expedition account is Hashem Rajabzadeh and I. Niiya, Safar-nameh-ye Yushida Masaharu: Nokhostin Ferestadeh—ye zhapon be Iran-e Dowreh-ye Qajar, Hejri Qamari Tehran: Moasse- seh-ye Chap va Entesharat-e Astan-e Qods Razavi, This paper was presented in the Seminar on the th Anniversary of the Yoshida Mission which was held in the Iranian Embassy of Tokyo on 25 September For the general overview of the initial Japanese interaction with the Islamic world and the visit to Iran and Ottoman Turkey.

If we are to believe Yoshida, his speech, or tirade overshoes, carried a bit of a cautionary, undiplomatic tone.

The astute Protocol Officer, however, saved the day. So, Yoshida and the rest of the seven-member Mis- sion proudly had their audience with the Shah, keeping their shoes on. Later Yoshida was in a self-congratulatory mood when the British Minister in Tehran proclaimed that this was a cause for celebration.

Yoshida as a newcomer had broken away the old customs of the court which pdf expert jnd free download years required that diplomats could only have an audience with the Pdf expert jnd free download Throne pdf expert jnd free download shoes.

the shoe debacle. The Yoshida account does reveal to us some of the enduring perceptions as well as stereotyped images among the general Japanese public even today ссылка Islam as an alien religion and the Middle Eastern world as a strange geography: exotic but alien, fascinating but also unfamiliar.

But the travel account should not be simply seen as a foundational text of Japanese atti- tudes toward the Muslim world. This paper argues that the Yoshida travelogue reveals to us the com- plex cultural and political layers with which Yoshida saw Qajar Iran and provides an instructive journey into the mind of a nineteenth century Mei- ji Japanese elite who still carried their Edo cultural background as well as the more obvious Westernism of the new regime.

The Yoshida travel- ogue starts pdf expert jnd free download the political agenda of the Meiji government in this Jap- anese Mission to the Muslim Hemisphere that contrasts with the earlier famous Iwakura Mission to the West. But, pdf expert jnd free download the course of his engagement with this alien new world of Muslim Persia, Yoshida groped for explanations of pdf expert jnd free download dilemmas that faced Meiji Japan via his Persian experience.

The Persian encounter taught him about the contem- porary challenges in the international order threated by the rivalry be- tween the British and Russian empires. In sum, the journey into the heart of the Persian Middle East instigated new political, social, and pdf expert jnd free download understanding of his contemporary global world.

British envoy in Tehran makes one cringe. The mini-crisis must have looked simply as unmannerly to the sophisticated bureaucrats of the Persian court whose etiquette traditions they thought had pretty much formed the basis of civilized courtly behavior in pdf expert jnd free download great- er East Mediterranean ever since the days of Alexander the Great in antiq- uity.

It certainly was the case for the Muslim world since medieval times. Non-European polities which accepted European methods and know-how for reforms represented their new policies in the change of dress and manners as part of the larger transformation of the environment in European style archi- tectural forms and artistic aesthetic. The Meiji government in had already passed a law that had made Western attire the requirement for all male public officials.

The Meiji leaders intended to enhance the public im- age and authority of Emperor Meiji in the European monarchial tradition by the adoption of court rituals and ceremonies. In his well-distributed photograph, the young Meiji Emperor had his portrait taken in a Euro- pean military uniform with lavish gold tassels and embroidery, although he clearly did not look very happy for the occasion.

This was the official image of the new Japan that had chosen to accept Western civilization. Yoshida нажмите чтобы перейти a product of this new image of blending into the Western norms of dress and etiquette that became part of the Rokumeikan7 diplo- 6 Barbara J.

Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, pp. The photographs and the paintings of the era show the Shah and the Iranian elite dressed in pdf expert jnd free download European formal attire with a Fez like headgear or a high astrakhan top hat, but they are also shown in traditional Persian attire as well. A few months later, Yoshida was not pdf expert jnd free download be required to take sic referring to the gentle braying of deer in the garden as an atmosphere of hospitality.

The Italian style pdf expert jnd free download was built by the British architect Josiah Conder that served as the social meeting place of elite Japanese and Western diplomats and residents in Tokyo and as an offi- cial foreign guest house. It was criticized in the press as a symbol of dissipation and extreme Westernization.

We do not know whether the Persian court really changed their ritual by no longer re- quiring diplomats to take off their shoes in the presence of the Shah after Yoshida or had they simply shown a momentary tolerance to this ner- vous Japanese diplomat whom they did not consider a political threat and wanted to make him at ease-which was more likely the case.

The Yoshida Mission Journey InForeign Minister Inoue Kaoru, who was forced to resign after the virulent crisis over treaty revision inhad decided to send Yoshi- da Masaharu of the Ministry as the head of the first official Rotate video adobe premiere pro cc 2015 free mission to visit Qajar Persia and Ottoman Turkey.

Known as a liberal constitutionalist, Yoshida Masaharu was from http://replace.me/9285.txt samurai family of Tosa domain, one of the coalition domains that had orchestrated the Meiji Restoration.

The first son of Yoshida Toyo Masaaki, the Chief executive of the Tosa clan who was assassinated inhe studied English and law in Tokyo. Compared to the focused intention of the Japanese who visited Ottoman Istanbul and Egypt earlier in to find out about the legal rights of Europeans under Consular courts, the Yoshida Mission, thus, had a more general agenda.

This was the first official contact of Meiji Japan with the sovereign governments in the region. The journey of Yoshida Masaharu and his team took a little over a year to complete.

The Mission took off in March, Meiji 13, and ended sometime at the end of May, Meiji, when Yoshida returned to Japan. Yoshida and a small group sailed up the Tigris river into Bagdad and toured the ancient Roman sites of Hebron.

On July 25, the group finally embarked from Bushehr on horseback with a mule caravan that would traverse across the Iranian highlands up to the capital Teheran north. They were hosted by the local governors of Shiraz and Isfahan.

After they arrived in Teheran on September 7, the Yoshida Mission stayed about days in Teheran during which time on September 27 they had important audience with Shah Nasir al-Din, the reformer of Iran.

In the meantime, the mission tried to form some local contacts by showing off sample wares of Japanese export items such as porcelain, tea, silk, and lacquerware to the local bazaar merchants in the presumable hope of attracting export business, an important objective of the mission. Leaving on December 31,the group travelled extensive- ly through the Russian territories of the Caucasus and the Black Sea, from which they sailed on February 12,into the Ottoman capital, Istanbul.

The Japanese envoys had two audienc- es on March 12, and March 21, with the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamid II, who was an avid admirer of Japan, the Grand Vizier Said Pasha, and the Ministers. On March 22, the Yoshida Mission finally left Istanbul by boat, moving on to Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Austria whereupon the members separated and pdf expert jnd free download to Japan on their own at different times throughout the summer.