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The Gilani’s Restaurant is a private space within the supermarket complex complete with its own separate entrance. The restaurant is laid out in a food court styled fashion and it serves primarily fast food and snacks during the day but also caters for more formal a la carte styled meals more popularly in the evenings. 

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For decades, Gilani’s Restaurant has remained the quintessential cafeteria-style eatery, a beloved meeting point for Nakuru’s residents. Join your friends for a quick chai and a chat, as our restaurant buzzes with lively activity, perfectly capturing the town’s spirit. Our extensive yet simple menu, prepared with a tasteful touch, and served in generous portions, keeps our loyal customers coming back for more. Gilani’s Restaurant, a timeless staple in Nakuru.


Step into The Magic Carpet, an exclusive section of our restaurant that once operated as a separate fine dining establishment. While it has seamlessly merged with the restaurant, it still retains its exclusive and intimate setting. If you’re in search of a quiet, classy night out with family or friends, look no further. The “magic carpet” area maintains its relaxed charm, focusing on delivering quality cuisine, impeccable service, in classy  & intimate ambiance.

Explore Our Menu

Discover a world of culinary delights at The Magic Carpet Restaurant and Cafeteria. Our menus cater to every palate, offering a diverse array of delectable dishes.



Our breakfast menu ensures you kickstart your morning with a delicious and satisfying meal that fuels your day.

Fast Foods

Dive into a world of fast foods that are perfect for those on the go, offering mouthwatering flavors in every bite.


Our main courses are a symphony of culinary art, where you’ll find lots of savory delights to satisfy your appetite.

Our Most Popular Dishes

Indulge in a culinary journey of exquisite flavors at The Magic Carpet Restaurant. Our popular dishes are a harmonious symphony of taste and presentation.

Chicken Tikka Masala-Non Veg Curry

Indian Cuisine-Oven clay cooked tandoori chicken tossed in a gravy of tomato,onion and mixed spices

Mongolian-Non-Veg Curry

Stir fried marinated meat of your choice tossed with onions,chillies & peppers in a sweet & savory Asian style sauce.

Mari Methi Chicken-Non Veg Curry

Indian Cuisine-Chicken curry cooked in a spicy tomato gravy with a zest of Fenugreek and black pepper spices.