About us

Gilani’s Supermarket Ltd was established in 1974. It is situated along Club Road, opposite Rift Valley Sports Club. Gilani’s Supermarket Ltd is a leading Wholesale and Retail Supermarket in the heart of Nakuru – Kenya. Gilani’s Supermarket Ltd offers a wide range of Consumer goods. The Supermarket has a floor space of 58000 sq.ft which comprises of Retail, Wholesale and Storage space. The club road premises, also consists of Gilani’s Restaurant, which comprises of the Fast Food Restaurant, Magic Carpet and a Bar/Conference Room. Gilani’s Restaurant offers a variety of Cuisines which include Indian, Chinese, and English& African Dishes. It seats over 300 customers. Gilani’s Supermarket Ltd is a distributor of many of the Country’s top lines. Our fleet of vehicles supplies goods to our customers all over Kenya, whilst we also collect goods from our suppliers. Most distribution lines are kept in the Warehouse located in Nakuru’s Industrial Area which has a floor space of 45,000sq. ft. The Industrial Area premises also consist of the Workshop where the company’s vehicles are maintained and fuelled. Gilani’s motto is highest quality lowest prices guaranteed or money back; through this motto and the fact that our customers are satisfied with our services, we have a wide range of customers flowing through our Supermarket.


  • Leading Wholesaler & Distributor
  • Comprehensive product range
  • Customer satisfaction & optimum services
  • Constant and regular supply
  • Teamwork


Gilani’s Supermarket has a dynamic management team comprising of five Directors. We also have qualified heads of department and subordinate staff. Working as a team in all departments has enhanced productivity. The total workforce is over 550 employees.